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Wuzhen Initiative


The Second World Internet Conference closed with the release of the Wuzhen Initiative, which has been called a milestone in the history of the Internet.

The Wuzhen Initiative, based on the discussions with a wide cross-section of industry experts, is the latest effort by the international community to reach a broad consensus on issues that areconfronting the booming sector.

The initiative advances five major aspects for promoting the development of the Internet: first, accelerating the popularization of the Internet, especially in developing countries and undeveloped regions; second, promoting Internet cultural exchanges for the diversified and prosperous development of cyberspace, with the aim of building cyberspace into a spiritual home for all; third, countries and peoples all over the world should share the fruits of Internet development; fourth, maintaining peace and security in cyberspace, including protecting national sovereignty, personal privacy and intellectual property, as well as fighting against crime and terrorism in cyberspace; and fifth, encouraging the international governance of cyberspace to build a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system.

The initiative also proposes that the international community and all interested parties should adhere to cooperation and seek mutual benefits, collaboratively promote the development, governance and prosperity of the Internet, and strengthen the protection of minors in cyberspace.

The initiative reflects the desire and responsibility of all parties to promote the construction, development and innovation of cyberspace, and further shows the international community's confidence and resolve to create connectivity and sharing in cyberspace.